New and Improved For You, Our Readers

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO
Julanne Hohbach

Welcome to the new Columbus CEO magazine.

Hopefully you noticed something different about this issue as soon as you saw the cover, which marks the debut of our new logo. You'll find even more surprises inside.

The CEO team has spent the better part of a year redesigning the magazine's content and look, and has made some substantial changes that we love. I hope you will, too.

Our goals were lofty, but simple:

Continue to give readers a publication that is engaging, useful and relevant. We want subscribers to pick up CEO as soon as it lands in their mailbox because it contains news and insight they won't find anywhere else.

Create more points of entry into the magazine: more photos, more graphics, great design, great content-and more of it.

We want readers to see themselves and their companies in our pages and get advice and insight on how they can grow their businesses.

One of the major changes is the addition of more feature content. A new Q&A provides a first-person look at how top local leaders approach their jobs, how they run their organizations and things they've learned on their journey up the ladder. First up: Alex Fischer, president and CEO of The Columbus Partnership.

In a recent readership survey, subscribers said they wanted more coverage of small business. Our Small Business and Innovation Spotlight features will highlight success stories of these companies and entrepreneurs around Central Ohio.

Also new is the way we've organized content, with Insider and Agenda sections highlighting the news you need to stay in the loop at the water cooler. The monthly guest column can now be found here, along with a Gadgets column on the latest tech toys. We're also launching a calendar of business events where you can build your professional network. The back page now carries Office Space, an inside peek at local organizations' workplaces.

Don't worry, we still put a priority on in-depth features, whether it's a public company profile, a story on new workforce trends or analysis of the key business issues confronting the region.

Along with the content changes comes a bold, fresh design that makes the magazine easier to read and navigate. It's clean, modern and stylish-just like Central Ohio. You'll also see more infographics, including Breakdown, a monthly feature that showcases business data in a new and engaging way.

This marks the first major overhaul of CEO since the late 1990s and it's part of our commitment to keep pace with the speed of business in the city. Let us know what you think.