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Tina Badurina

Vice President of Marketing and Communication, YMCA of Central Ohio

“I have the best job in the world because I get to tell the story,” says Tina Badurina, vice president of marketing and communication for the YMCA of Central Ohio. “I get to tell the story of an organization that touches people’s lives every single day: the letters, the testimonials, the support, how people see us as their second home and second family. Being able to express that through what we do in marketing and communication is priceless.”

The YMCA of Central Ohio handles its own marketing and communications, including its website and collateral materials. Badurina also does consulting work for the YMCA of the USA’s national strategic marketing and communication plan.

“She’s able to reach out and help other YMCAs build their capacity for marketing and communication, specifically in helping them to develop marketing and communication plans so that they can better serve their community,” says Pattie Griffin, senior resource specialist in marketing communications management with YMCA of the USA. “Tina is very knowledgeable. She always delivers the work that she does in a very caring way.”

Badurina, 50, graduated from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 1984. She worked in production for Federated Department Stores in Columbus, then as an art director in the advertising department in New York City. She joined the YMCA’s staff in 2001 after working as a volunteer at the Grove City location and now heads a five-person staff.

One of her biggest undertakings was the YMCA of Central Ohio’s 150th anniversary in 2005, which included publication of a book, YMCA of Central Ohio: A History In Pictures. “We spent almost two years just digging through the archive and pulling out those special moments that needed to be commemorated through that book,” Badurina says.

As a nonprofit, the YMCA is supported through funding from the United Way, government grants, membership dollars and its own philanthropic efforts. Working on a limited budget often forces Badurina’s team to think outside the box. For the anniversary celebration, that meant partnering with the Ohio Historical Society on a display and asking community leaders, including former Ohio State University football star Archie Griffin, to do public service radio announcements.

Those efforts have seen results, Badurina says. “Marketing has a very definite place at the table and its importance can never be diminished. Our association has grown exponentially since I’ve been here,” she says. The YMCA of Central Ohio has opened five new locations, tripled its workforce to 1,800 and boasts more than 75,000 members.

Besides the fitness services it has become known for, the YMCA is a major provider of housing, sheltering 400 young men in the Downtown headquarters alone. The Y is also the largest provider of child care in Central Ohio, with 50 sites for preschool and infant care. “We have all these little nuggets in the community, so we’re proud to bring these things forward,” Badurina says.

Badurina’s department has received two Hermes Creative Awards from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, as well as several best practices awards from YMCA of the USA.

Reprinted from the April 2012 issue of Columbus C.E.O. Copyright © Columbus C.E.O.