Language Lessons: More Advanced Help

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

In a perfect world, an employer would have a payroll teeming with multilingual employees. However, filling recruiting gaps can be difficult—especially when multiple companies all are seeking the same language skills, says Tonya Stalnaker-Tiggett, owner of Speak Our Language (SOL), which conducts foreign language training. Companies may seek employee training to cover the basics, but sometimes that’s not enough and a third-party interpreter is needed.

To address that demand, earlier this year SOL partnered with Accessible Translation Solutions (ATS) to connect clients with more complex language services. ATS offers document translation and oral interpretation (on-site or by phone) as well as voiceovers. The service can translate documents in 100 different languages, 200 by phone and 20 on-site in Central Ohio, says owner Madalena Sánchez Zampulo.

Beyond being native speakers, ATS translators have specialties in areas such as medical interpretation or technical document translation. “Many of them have degrees or they have gone through certification training, depending on what their specializations are,” Sánchez Zampulo says.

As with other translation services, ATS’s prices vary. Written documents are billed by the source word count as well as the specific language and document technicality; they start at $80. On-site interpretation has a two-hour minimum; costs vary based on the language and expertise required. Phone interpretation is billed by the minute, and rates are set based on how many minutes a client uses in a given month.

Reprinted from the April 2012 issue of Columbus C.E.O. Copyright © Columbus C.E.O.