Language Lessons: Central Ohio Language Facts

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Columbus CEO
  • Union County has the highest percentage of people employed by foreign-owned companies, with 34 such companies employing 9,362 of the 26,001 people working in the county.
  • In greater Columbus, 24.5 percent, or 158, of all foreign-owned businesses are headquartered in Japan.
  • About 39,160 people in greater Columbus work for 644 different foreign-owned companies.
  • Greif Inc. and Mettler Toledo International, both headquartered in Delaware County, are the local companies with the greatest number of foreign subsidiaries, at 84 apiece.
  • Cardinal Health ($98.6 billion in revenue) and Nationwide ($20.7 billion in revenue) are both members of the Global 500, ranking at No. 53 and No. 481, respectively.
  • A majority (91.4 percent) of those living in metropolitan Columbus speak English at home; the next most-common language is Spanish, at 2.8 percent.

Source: The Global Report, conducted by Community Research Partners on behalf of the Columbus Council on World Affairs and funded by Columbus2020, the Columbus Foundation and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

Reprinted from the April 2012 issue of Columbus C.E.O. Copyright © Columbus C.E.O.