Road to Recovery

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

Patients looking for a little R&R after cosmetic surgery need look no further than the Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites. Operated by Dr. Andrea Holinga and located at the Hyatt on Capitol Square, it's a place for patients to recover in style.

"Patients and families are frequently shocked at how much care they need after cosmetic surgery," Holinga says. "Professional aftercare gives patients and families peace of mind."

Private, two-room king suites offer 24-hour personal assistance and a healthy menu. Wedge pillows, recliners and leg pumps to prevent blood clots contribute to comfort and a safe recovery.

"Our atmosphere is more comfortable, spa-like and less clinical than you would find in a hospital setting," Holinga says. "Of those who are candidates for outpatient recovery, most find it more relaxing and peaceful to recover in an environment like ours rather than a noisy hospital or a busy home."

Care is provided by a physician, nurse or medical assistants. Patients stay anywhere from a single night to two weeks. The cost, which depends on the level of care desired, isn't covered by insurance as hospitalization might be. Still, some recipients of tummy tucks, breast surgeries, facelifts and similar procedures find it's a worthwhile investment.

"It is our goal is that, by individualizing your care and helping you follow your plastic surgeon's post-op instructions, you will have the smoothest recovery possible," Holinga says.

Reprinted from the May 2011 issue of Columbus C.E.O. Copyright © Columbus C.E.O.