Johnson Investment Counsel's new LeVeque Tower offices offer unexpected surprises

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

Johnson Investment Counsel’s move from the Chase building to the LeVeque Tower has accomplished a few things. Now, the wealth management firm can entertain clients in the privacy of its own space instead of taking them to the Columbus Athletic Club. Employees also have room to grow—in the old 2,300-square-foot space, the six employees were so crammed that one was working out of a conference room. Less crucial, but just as nice, the clean, marble aesthetic of the Leveque spills into Johnson’s space.

“It's a great place to open the door and walk into every morning. You just feel good coming in here,” says Daniel Gusty, Central Ohio managing director. Johnson also is in Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland and recently Detroit.

The biggest standout of the space has got to be the interesting and thoughtfully curated artwork on its walls. Johnson hired local art consultant Katy Reis to help with the process. Upon entry, visitors are greeted by woodblock prints by Queens-based Jacob Hashimoto. On an adjacent wall in the lobby is a piece that looks like a flat gray picture of rising smoke. It is actually a Robert Buck “iPainting,” a technique done on a silk screen using alert paint, which makes the surface reflective. When a digital photo is taken of the picture, the smoke becomes reflective and appears to “light up.” In the conference rooms are two huge Maser pieces with brightly colored cuts of paper. The interesting art collection enlivens the otherwise austere white marble space.

The view from Gusty’s office can sometimes be quite interesting also. Out of the window that looks over a parking garage, he says he has seen photoshoots for underwear modeling and a group of superheroes hanging onto large metal ropes.

“The other thing I love about this office in this building is just the energy of it,” Gusty says. “Because there's a hotel (Hotel LeVeque) and there's condos and apartments. There's a great restaurant (The Keep), a great bourbon bar.”

He says one time he even saw actor Tim Allen in the lobby.

The first time Johnson hosted some clients, Gusty says it went very well. The conference rooms are situated in such a way that they make a great entertaining space combined with the lobby.

“It just flows really well, which is exactly what we were hoping for,” he says.

Chloe Teasley is staff writer.