Behind the Menu: Remodeled West Side pub Shakers Public House adopts classic bar menu

Gary Seman Jr.
Special to The Columbus Dispatch
Garlic-Parmesan wings from Shakers Public House

Spencer Campbell knew he had a mighty task in front of him — and he was up for the challenge.

Campbell bought the former Shakers Bar & Grille in June and spent three months remodeling the interior, added a kitchen and 20 beer taps, and changed the name to Shakers Public House, a name more suited to what he wanted to accomplish.

“We’ve gutted this whole building,” he said of the West Side spot near the Hollywood Casino Columbus.

Wings are a big deal at Shakers Public House, which Campbell owns with his wife, Caitlin. They’re hand-battered in hot-sauce-seasoned egg batter, dipped in flour and double-fried. An order of six costs $5.95; 12 wings cost $11.50; 18 cost $17.25; and 50 cost $49.

“They’re huge because of that batter, the amount of size it adds to it,” he said.

Naked tenders and boneless also are available.

Customers can choose one of 14 sauces that range from mild to bold. Campbell said garlic Parmesan and “manganero” (mango habanero) are among the most popular choices.

Add a shot of the imposing-sounding “death nectar,” which registers 500,000 on the Scoville scale, to any of the sauces for $1.

Yes, it’s that hot and often ordered by “people who dominate hot sauces,” Campbell said. Some have been successful in clearing their plates while others have had to surrender after one wing, he said.

Half-pound burgers are a recent addition to the menu. Customers can choose from two styles: black Angus ($9) or brisket ($11), served on toasted buns and fresh-cut or wedge fries.

“They’re gigantic, especially when you get all the toppings on it,” he said. “They’re great.”

Traditional garnishes are lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and pickles.

Guests can create their own burgers by building them with a number of toppings, including bacon, sauteed mushrooms, jalapenos, eggs, a choice of five cheeses and any of the 13 wings sauces.

Fries are put to another use in the “wasted” option ($4 for a side, $8 for a full order). They are batter-fried and topped with thick, rich IPA beer-cheese and the house-made chili.

The chili ($5.50), meanwhile, is classic in nature, with kidney beans, and can be fortified with cheese, onions and sour cream for an extra 50 cents.

“It’s real thick,” Campbell said. “It’s good chili.”

Campbell previously worked in casual restaurants before buying his own place.

“It’s all coming together,” he said, “and it’s all rewarding.”

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Where: Shakers Public House

Location: 385 Georgesville Road

Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily

Contact: 614-372-5847,