North Market Bridge Park Adds Barbecue, Baguettes, Sambusas and Gluten-Free Goodies

Erin Edwards
The Pit BBQ Grille

Today, the North Market Development Authority revealed four new vendors in its Bridge Park lineup: Bake Me Happy, BREaD Bakery + Café, Hoyo’s Sambusas & Juices and The Pit BBQ Grille. The four merchants join a previously announced list of 11 vendors, including Coastal Local Seafood, Black Radish Creamery, Kintsugi Sushi Bar and Falafel Kitchen, among others. The Bridge Park market is expected to house 20 merchants in all. It expects to begin its soft opening in the coming weeks, with vendors continuing to open on a rolling basis. Here’s what to expect from the four newly announced vendors.

Bake Me Happy

The market will become the second brick-and-mortar location for Bake Me Happy owners Wendy Miller Pugh and Letha Pugh. The Columbus Monthly Tastemakers first opened their gluten-free bakeshop in 2014 in Merion Village, adding a coffee shop three years ago. The bakery is best known for its nostalgic, gluten-free versions of treats such as Zebra Cakes, Sno Balls, Pop-Tarts, Little Debbies and more.

"Letha and I are excited to join the North Market family in Dublin, so we can expand our reach to our fans up North," said Miller Pugh in the announcement. "We believe that Bridge Park will be a perfect second location for us with a fast grab and go set up, so you can get your gluten free goodness fix seven days a week!"

Hoyo's Sambusas & Juices  

An offshoot of the popular Somali restaurant Hoyo’s Kitchen, Hoyo's Sambusas & Juices will focus on the family-owned restaurant’s delicious sambusas, traditional stuffed pastries similar to Indian samosas. Customers will be able to choose from a variety of savory and sweet sambusas to pair with fresh juices such as pineapple-ginger, mango and tamarind. Hoyo's Sambusas & Juices will be owned and operated by brothers Abdilahi and Mohamed Hassan (2019 Columbus Monthly Tastemakers) and their sister Anod Hassan.

The Pit BBQ Grille

Another familiar business in town, The Pit BBQ Grille is all about celebrating the backyard cookout experience. The Pit’s new spot in the market will offer barbecued ribs, Polish Girl/Boy sandwiches, heaping fresh-cut fries loaded with pulled pork and more. The Pit was established in 2016 on the city’s North Side by Bryant Browning, Chimdi Chekwa, D’Andre Martin and Mike Johnson; the foursome added a second location on Parsons Avenue earlier this year.

BREaD Bakery + Café

Frequenters of local farmers markets may recognize the fourth merchant, baker Kim Hendrix. Having operated a micro-bakery for three years from 1400 Food Lab, the business school and culinary school grad plans to bring a true café experience to the Bridge Park market, with a focus on freshly baked breads.

"A true public market is not complete without traditional, fresh-baked breads on offer daily," said North Market executive director Rick Harrison Wolfe in a press release. "Kim has proven herself an artisanal bread maker that will fit right in at North Market Bridge Park. Kim is beloved in the farmers market world, and we can't wait for our guests to experience BREaD."

BREaD Bakery + Café, an offshoot Hendrix’s business, Fromagerie, will serve a variety of savory breads such as baguettes, focaccia and sourdough as well as lunch items like soups, salads, tartines and baguette sandwiches. Hendrix also plans to serve Stauf’s drip coffee and tea, including her own house-made chai tea. 

“My business, [Fromagerie], is founded on a cheese-centric model of a restaurant, which I’m building step by step toward achieving, but a strong bread program has always been a really big component,” she said when reached by phone. “I’ve been majoring in bread for the last three years, selling it at farmers markets.”

Hendrix says the two years she spent as a vendor at the Dublin Farmers Market proved that the Dublin area was a good fit for her business. “The customers were amazing. It was a very excellent farmers market, really fun and very well-attended,” she says. “I think that was my first clue that I had to be somewhere in that area, and so when I got this opportunity I jumped at it because I know from experience it’s right for me.”

Although Hendrix doesn’t expect BREaD to be fully open until the New Year, she does plan to sell her breads as a pop-up at the Bridge Park market soon.

Hoyo's Sambusas & Juices