Ray Paprocki Announces Departure From Dispatch Magazines

After seven years as publisher and general manager, Paprocki will join strategic communications firm R.S. Rock Media.

Ray Paprocki
Dispatch Magazines publisher and general manager Ray Paprocki

It’s time for a new adventure.

Starting Nov. 2, I will join forces with my wife, Sherry Beck Paprocki, at her company, R.S. Rock Media, to engage locally and nationally with clients on strategic communications. We are excited about the opportunity to work even more closely together—something we’ve been doing since we met as reporters at The Lantern, the Ohio State University student newspaper.

Sherry and I each have had a long run with Columbus Monthly, in particular. I started here as a staff writer and eventually became editor. Sherry has been involved as a contract writer and editor—especially focused on health and home/style coverage.

After a three-year hiatus in southwest Florida, we returned in 2015 to help turn around Dispatch Magazines. As publisher and general manager, I have been inspired by the remarkable run over these past seven years. I’ve had many highlights in my career, but perhaps none more satisfying than to witness a magazine staff fight innumerable challenges to produce work that impacts people’s lives and receives frequent national recognitions. They make a difference every day.

And thanks to all of you in the community who have supported Dispatch Magazines, whether as subscribers, advertisers or eventgoers. Without it, this talented and dedicated team couldn’t provide to the community our brand of powerful local journalism.

Now, on to the next exciting journey. (Stay in touch via LinkedIn.)

Many thanks.