Best of Business top vote-getter: Belle Communication

Virginia Brown
The Belle Communication team with founder and CEO Kate Finley in the center.

“Punch today in the face.” That’s a saying on a card found on Belle Communication Founder and CEO Kate Finley’s desk. It’s from her chief growth officer, and it embodies some of Belle’s key tenets: to think big and bring enthusiasm to everything you do.

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Belle Communication is a woman-owned PR agency focused on creative communications solutions and strategies. Seven core “Belle-iefs” keep the staff united and focused on the same goals. “Above all, I try to stick to my values and do my best to honor people, allowing them the grace to be imperfect and do what’s best for them,” Finley says.

Due to the pandemic, Finley has spent most of the year in Puerto Rico, and she took a month off in September and October to focus on rest and family. She also points to gratitude as a way to bring perspective. “As an entrepreneur, the tendency is to keep looking forward to the next big thing. It can be nonstop,” she says. “Gratitude allows me to be present, acknowledge achievements, lessons learned and to better connect with others.”

At Belle, the team works with clients in industries from automotive to waste management. “I’m constantly amazed at my team’s ability to come up with fresh thinking and creative solutions, regardless of how complex a client’s industry is.”

As for the client’s challenges due to Covid-19, “We’ve had clients tell us, especially this year, we help them be brave,” she says. “[They] tell us that they would not want to navigate the current environment without us.”

But working remotely is nothing new. Belle has been remote since inception, which is why, twice a year, the team gathers in person for several days to think big and spend quality time together. “We’re often mistaken for sisters or close friends,” Finley says. “I love that!”

Virginia Brown is a freelance writer.