Future 50: Amanda Leclerc, Huckleberry House

Laura Newpoff
2020 Future 50 class member Amanda Leclerc

Future 50 Class of 2020

Amanda Leclerc

Housing director Huckleberry House

About: Amanda Leclerc has been a leader at Huckleberry House, Central Ohio’s primary provider of services for youth experiencing crises including homelessness, for 20 years. She has played different roles, including managing the region’s only transitional living program for 18- to 22-year-olds moving from homelessness to independence. Leclerc became the agency’s first housing director in October.

Under her leadership, the program has grown from 30 apartments to 45 units. In her new role, she will oversee more than 100 units of housing for formerly homeless youths by the end of 2020. For each of the past several years, the Transitional Living Program has prevented 75 or more youths from entering the homeless system. Through her planned program expansion, Huck House and its affiliated programs will keep more than 120 people each year out of the adult homeless system.

No matter their current situation, Leclerc has an altruistic belief that every young person should be given opportunities to create the life they see for themselves.

Outside of work: Leclerc is a weekend crisis specialist for Netcare, which provides mental health and substance abuse crisis intervention, assessment and referral services. She also is involved in extracurricular club support at her children’s schools.

50 ideas to move the region forward. Here's who else is in the Future 50 Class of 2020.

What does Columbus need to thrive? “For those of us with homes, jobs, an education and support networks, thriving looks very different than it does to the population I work with in Columbus. In order for our community to thrive, we must ensure the entire community is equally included in the opportunities growth

will bring.”

Leclerc’s idea: “Because Columbus has such a great income disparity, the Future 50 could work to bring together business leaders with members of our community who have not experienced the positive impact of growth. Through in person dialog and video storytelling, both sides of the growth experience could gain an understanding of the impact we all have on one another.”

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