Future 50: Alex Frommeyer, Beam Dental

Laura Newpoff
2020 Future 50 class member Alex Frommeyer

Future 50 Class of 2020

Alex Frommeyer

CEO and co-founder, Beam Dental

About: After receiving a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Louisville, Frommeyer saw an opportunity to bring innovative solutions to the dental insurance industry. Along with Alex Curry and Dan Dykes, he launched Beam Dental from a living room in Kentucky in 2012. The company is founded on the principle that better brushing decreases a person’s chances of needing major dental work, which is expensive. Through a proprietary smart toothbrush, Beam collects brushing data, which is used to reward those with good habits with lower premiums. Beam’s plans also include a subscription service with an electric toothbrush, replacement heads, toothpaste and floss.

Since moving to Columbus in 2014, the company has grown to employ more than 200 people who serve tens of thousands of customers across the country.

Frommeyer has been instrumental in Beam Dental securing more than $90 million in venture capital financing from firms such as Drive Capital in Columbus and Kleiner Perkins, which is one of Silicon Valley’s most well-known investors.

Outside of work: Frommeyer is a member of the Create Columbus Commission group of young professionals who are engaged in community-building activities. He’s also a member of the Contemporaries at the Columbus Museum of Art, a group of people who share an interest in contemporary art who vote to select a new work for the collection each year.

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What does Columbus need to thrive? “Density and strong urban development, or else Columbus will sprawl like Atlanta or constrict like San Francisco, and neither are ideal for affordability or accessibility. An incredible commitment to public art on every wall and corner in the urban core would beautify the city since it doesn’t have topographically unique features. I’m an active COTA rider, so let’s put transit front and center as well.”

Frommeyer’s idea: “Install one piece of public art every year.”

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