WELD Keynote

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

Hilton Columbus at Easton - March 21, 2013

The annual Keynote event for Women for Economic and Leadership Development featured speaker Gwen Ifill, moderator and managing editor of PBS’s “Washington Week” and co-anchor of “PBS NewsHour.”

1. Kathy Starkoff and Lisa Dolin

2. Kelly Leonard and Linda Opundo

3. Catherine Woltering, Kirsten King and Adrian Solomonides

4. Karen Hough, Mary Slane, Linda Crosby and Linda Pringle-Evans

5. Bryan Peluso, Amber Dinopoulos, Marc Dinopoulos and Deb Peluso

6. Gwen Ifill and Barb Smoot

7. Anita Shankar and Jacquie Bickel

8. Emily Widener, Aurora Stromberg, Mackenzie Cline and Paige Quinter

9. Cynthia Sims, Doreen Luke and Angela Davis

10. Carson Wagner, Suzi Wagner and Rosalie Ventresca

11. Gina Masoni and Kori Manus

12. Guests enjoy conversation over dinner.