Where to find a copy of Columbus CEO

Looking for the current issue of the magazine? Here's a list of our distribution locations.

Columbus CEO
Columbus CEO magazine

Readers looking to purchase a copy of our current issue can find Columbus CEO at these locations:  

  • Barnes & Noble, 1738 Hill Rd N., Pickerington 
  • Barnes & Noble, 1598 N. High St., Columbus 
  • Barnes & Noble, 1739 Olentangy River Road, Columbus 
  • Barnes & Noble, 4005 Townsfair Way, Columbus 
  • Barnes & Noble, 1285 Polaris Parkway, Columbus 
  • Barnes & Noble, 3685 W. Dublin Granville Road, Columbus 
  • Columbus Young Professionals Club, 1500 W. Third St., Suite 321, Columbus 

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