Columbus REALTORS support Columbus Education Plan & levy

Kitty McConnell

Columbus REALTORS announced their support of the Columbus Public Education Plan and levy. The group of 6,000 residential, commercial, development and property management professionals issued a statement of support this morning:

On August 21, the Columbus REALTORS®voted to support the Columbus Education Plan, a plan which outlines a pathway to better schools and in turn leads to better neighborhoods and higher property values. Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman along with a representative of Columbus City Schools appeared in front of our Board of Directors to present details of the levy and Columbus Plan for revitalizing our Columbus city schools, as they considered the recommendations of our Steering Committee.

There should be no question that voters in the Columbus school district have every right to, and should demand, accountability on the part of the school board and the City of Columbus with regard to implementation of Columbus Education Plan.

Our Board of Directors also struggled with the affordability issues this levy poses, as it represents a school tax increase of $318 per $100,000 in market value. We know that roughly 82 percent of students attending Columbus schools are economically disadvantaged.

We also know that Columbus is the 15th largest city in the United States and one of the fastest growing areas in the Midwest. An up-and-coming tech city, our research and technology institutions are attracting the brightest minds from around the world. We want our own children to be among them.

Columbus City Schools has the largest student body in Ohio. These children will be our work force, future leaders and homeowners of tomorrow, so the combination of levy and Columbus Plan can be the much-needed investment in their future and in our future.

Schools are the heart of communities, and few public policy decisions are more fundamental to the health and well-being of our communities than those governing structure and funding for basic education.

As the voice for real estate in central Ohio, we believe that strong schools make strong neighborhoods, and strong neighborhoods strengthen property values.

Therefore, after careful deliberation, Columbus REALTORS® Board of Directors voted to support the proposed school levy and Columbus Education Plan.

Everyone wins with quality education.