Counters to Couches

Kitty McConnell

It took an unusual product line for Distinctive Marble and Granite (DMG) to expand from countertops into home furnishings. But now the Powell-based company, founded in 2001 by Cleveland native Chris Schnetzler, has become the only retailer of Pacific Green sustainable (and trademarked) Palmwood furnishings in the Midwest.

Managers of the fabrication and installation company met Pacific Green representatives at a recent trade show. "One of the reasons we expanded into this is the uniqueness of the line. Pacific Green offers a unique feel that we didn't see with any furniture line out there," says Brad Beckwith, DMG's general manager.

Pacific Green is an Australian company that hews its chair, sofa, bedding and accessories from Palmwood harvested from abandoned plantations on South Pacific islands. The company touts the products are made using sustainable development practices in cooperation with the lifestyles of the indigenous islanders who make up the workforce of Pacific Green's Fijian factory. The company has addressed the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development as a model of socially responsible manufacturing.

DMG carries the Distinctive Design Collection of Pacific Green furniture. Each piece is made from leathers and other materials that complement the hard Palmwood frames. Prices range from $1,200 to $4,500. More than just a sofa or an armchair, Beckwith says, clients are purchasing a work of art. "So far it's been a really good fit. A lot of our customers are interested, and it really fits our brand as well. It speaks for itself first of all, based on the look of it. Our customers who are doing home improvements, they see it and it really sells itself."

Reprinted from the February 2013 issue of Columbus C.E.O. Copyright © Columbus C.E.O.