Black women entrepreneurs: Take this survey

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO
Barb Smoot is a member of the Alliance of Black Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs Ohio, which is conducting a statewide survey to find out how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected Black women business owners.

The newly founded Alliance of Black Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs Ohio, which was created by Keena Smith, co-founder of the Women’s Center for Economic Opportunity, wants to connect with Black women business owners. ABBE’s statewide survey will gauge the extent of economic injury to these businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, and it will be followed up with a series of focus groups.

The point is “to give voice to our whole stories. And that’s more important than merely the raw data,” Smith says. The results of the survey, which will end June 29, will be available in July.

“The voices of Black women business owners often gets submerged and aggregated so much that they get lost,” says Barb Smoot, CEO of Women for Economic and Leadership Development. “Keena has been the force to disaggregate those voices and their experiences.”


ABBE is a collaboration of Black women business owners across Ohio including Smith, Smoot, and Columbus’ Aventi Enterprises CEO Deonna Barnett and Speakerazzi CEO Whitney Barkley.