Columbus health insurance trends, according to three highly regarded CEOs

Katy Smith
Doug Ulman, CEO, Pelotonia

Health care reform was cited as a challenge by a declining percentage of CEO Year survey respondents in 2018. Three former award recipients and finalists share what trends they’re seeing for health care costs in their organizations, and what value they place on being able to offer health insurance to employees.

“Though we’ve seen an increase in the cost of health care for our team over the past few years, it remains a top priority for Pelotonia to provide the best possible insurance options for our employees and their families. We place a lot of value on investing in the health and wellness of our team and try to do so in as many ways as possible. Access to innovative and high-quality care for all is something we believe in deeply—which is why we work every single day to accelerate funding for cancer research so that the results can be disseminated in order to positively impact health outcomes for patients around the world.” –Doug Ulman, CEO, Pelotonia

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“As a family-owned business, White Castle is celebrating its 95th year of offering health insurance to our team members. It’s a benefit we greatly value and one our team members crave. Over the years, cost and coverage options have constantly changed. Our focus as a business remains on providing the best benefit for the most affordable cost, and from our team member survey, we know our investment and commitment is appreciated.” —Lisa Ingram, CEO, White Castle

“Health care offerings by employers are often the primary decision metric for associates when choosing the right team for their future career. For this reason, it is imperative to have a competitive benefits plan. It is also important to consider deductibles associated with health care plans, so that employers and associates are both considering health care costs to manage the cost of claims. As companies have taken action by developing and enhancing wellness programs, increasing associate education on how to wisely use their coverage, and shopping their coverage annually, some have experienced cost savings.” —Scott McComb, CEO, Heartland Bank

Katy Smith is the editor of Columbus CEO.