New Techlife Live series features Columbus' tech personalities

Jess Deyo
Columbus CEO

Netflix and Hulu are inspiring Covail’s Ben Blanquera, founder of the Techlife Columbus Meetup group and newsletter, to launch a video interview series.

Techlife Live, launching in March, will offer a variety of technology industry content from software engineering to healthcare innovations. “Think of it as Netflix for nerds,” Blanquera says.

The need for a platform like Techlife Live presented itself after Covid-19 erased the opportunity for people to meet in-person for networking and community events, Blanquera says. Techlife Live will allow people to get in touch with those they may not have an opportunity to otherwise.

“The premise here is, let’s bring people together in a live show format where they get access to folks who [they] would never get access to,” Blanquera says.

For now, each speaker has committed to three episodes each as a pilot, which will be used to assess the potential to continue later in the year. The first episode aired Jan. 11 featuring Alex Frommeyer, CEO of Beam Dental, and Tonjia Coverdale, associate vice president at Nationwide.

Blanquera has also branched out to find speakers outside Ohio, like a representative from the Pittsburgh Technology Council, who will talk all things robotics.

“What we’re hoping is that along the way, we can create and reenergize and kickstart some renewed appreciation and excitement,” Blanquera says. “We’re going to get people to connect with folks that have similar interests.”

Key to bringing the final product together is Lacey Picazo, the show’s creative director. Picazo, a member ofColumbus CEO's inaugural Future 50 class, is the founder and principal of ZoCo Design, a human-centered design studio.

Picazo will lead the show's “Products for People" segment launching March 4, focused on the importance of the human experience when developing the future of technology. For her, the perks of the show are rooted in the opportunity to create a personal connection.

“I feel like in the Zoom environment over the past nine months, so much of it is like you show up and you sit and listen,” Picazo says. “We're looking at testing and learning intentional ways to engage people and have them meet other people who are attending or meet the speakers, almost like you would at a real networking event.”

For Blanquera, Techlife Live will also serve as a way for professionals to become recognized by the community.

“What I’m really excited about is the opportunity for our thought leaders to have the ability to tell their story,” Blanquera says. “All companies talk about that stuff, but they don’t know where to go. Go to Lacey, right? We’re hoping to create some spotlight on thought leadership." 

Logo Courtesy Techlife Live