Delaware company's plastic asphalt tech wins 100K grant

Cynthia Bent Findlay
Steve Flaherty, CEO, NecoTech

Delaware startup NecoTech recently scored a couple of wins in its quest to bring more ecofriendly infrastructure products to market.

The company’s new paving patch technology based on recycled plastic was featured at the U.S. Air Force’s 2020 Base of the Future Showcase, and it won a $100,000 research grant, all within the space of a month.

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NecoTech’s key product is an asphalt patching system called Hotpod that can rapidly heat and deploy pre-mixed asphalt patches in all outdoor temperatures. 

The Air Force, which has been using Hotpod on runway potholes as a trial. CEO Steve Flaherty says the invite to the Base of the Future Showcase stems from that work. 

Flaherty’s goal for the product is 100 percent recycled plastic aggregate in the mix, which reduces landfill-bound waste and also creates a more durable pavement.

Piggybacking on Hotpod, NecoTech was awarded a $100,000 grant by the Carpet American Recovery Effort, a national organization working toward recycling waste carpet materials. The grant will allow NecoTech to finalize formulations for working waste carpet remnants into the NecoPave mix.

Cynthia Bent Findlay is a freelance writer for Columbus CEO.