App founders hope to own employee onboarding space

Cynthia Bent Findlay
Ivan Israel, CEO, Flexable

Workers know that even in this strange economy, there’s work out there. But how to find it?

Companies need reliable employees to get started right away as Covid-19 related stoppages subside and some sectors, such as online retail, grow. But how to find them?

A Columbus startup is preparing to go wheels up on a combination virtual and personal staffing solution called Flexable. 

Flexable is software for employers to push onboarding event notifications and materials to workers, a human resources labor reduction tool, says founder and CEO Ivan Israel. Flexable soon will release an app for public use to capture job seekers and connect them with employers.

Israel says the company’s first clients are in larger-scale light industrial and hospitality such as convention centers, industries needing an influx of workers for seasonal rushes or re-staffing efforts.

“Our main focus is the onboarding piece—we want to own that space,” Israel says. “We go out, get people if employers don’t have them, then onboard them as fast as possible. Then there’s the retention piece to make sure whoever we bring on, they stay there as long as it makes sense for them to do so.”

A typical relationship might be an employer looking to hire parking lot attendants who have to fill out paperwork, receive a one-hour video training class and meet the employer a day before the first day of employment. 

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“It’s making sure they’re having the right interactions at the right time,” Israel says. 

Flexable aims to empower recruitment and retention; it will not only bring in contract employees, but it also can help find full-time hires. 

Flexable incorporated in 2017 and has been in the works on and off as Israel beta tests the model with employers. He says plans are to launch a public app sometime this summer and then scale up.

Thus far, Flexable has been able to increase employee retention for clients by anywhere from 40 percent to 60 percent, Israel says. For employers in those industries, that’s huge. 

Also, he says, “depending on how much they want to turn on the faucet, we’ve been able to double the new applicants to any given position.”

Israel has another job as CEO of Corporate Elevator, a technology industry HR consultancy. He’s been able to bootstrap development of the Flexable platform along with chief technologist Carl Lewis.

Right now, Israel is keeping his client list and revenue under wraps, but as full launch gets closer, he says a round of fundraising could be in the works.

Cynthia Bent Findlay is a freelance writer.


Business: HR technology startup

CEO: Ivan Israel

Employees: 2

Launch: Summer 2020 (projected)