Columbus 2020: A Letter from Kenny McDonald

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO
Kenny McDonald

The Columbus Region is earning its way to the top of the list of locations to launch or accelerate a career in information technology. The area includes mid-to large-sized companies with an insatiable appetite for tech talent, a growing list of startups, a powerhouse of research and development in The Ohio State University, and an emphasis on government technology that will enable Central Ohio to lead the smart cities revolution.

Talent is drawn to great challenges and diverse, progressive companies and communities. The Columbus Region has a multitude of opportunities across industries and is chock-full of ambitious communities that want to cater to the growing needs of the technology workforce. As you will see in the following profiles and interviews, it is a strategic priority to attract and retain great talent from all over the world to meet the greatest challenges we face, be they in healthcare, government, academia or business.

We are fortunate to have IT leaders within the Columbus Region who are working on various challenges, while contributing to the future of the area by giving their time and energy to growing the IT community. This glimpse into the extraordinary expertise that lies within our region should inspire us to strive even higher in this important field of work.


Kenny McDonald, President and CEO

Columbus 2020

The Columbus 2020 Regional Growth Strategy is an aggressive, decade-long plan to ensure economic vitality in the Columbus Region. Columbus 2020's mission is to generate opportunity and build capacity for economic growth across the 11-county Columbus Region.

The Columbus Region

Major Columbus Region headquarters have spawned an entire ecosystem of IT-related operations. The large IT workforces at Fortune 500 companies have been joined by a whole host of tech companies designed to serve retail, healthcare, finance, education, transportation, utilities, cross-industry and defense-related IT needs.

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