Tech Talk: ORIS Launches Retail Enforcement Just In Time for Gift Season

Julie Bhusal Sharma
Pamela Springer

ORIS Online Retail Enforcement ensures proper pricing for online goods and LOUD Capital reveals the work it has been doing with over 15 companies.

Originally developed by Columbus wheelchair manufacturer SpinLife, ORIS Intelligence is now an independent startup that is gearing up for the holidays-when the violation of products' pricing policies by competitive online retailers is more likely.

After 15 months on the market, the cloud-based solution detects price policy violators 24/7 and is already working with over 350 brands. For ORIS President and CEO Pamela Springer, maintaining a desired price range for a product is important for its success because if retailers sell below a minimum price, competitors are forced to also lower the price-eventually leading to lack of profit margin. In turn, frustrated retailers will discontinue selling the product in order to sell more profitable merchandise.

ORIS notifies such retailers of their violations, even if they sell in a different currency. According to Springer, ORIS' specific niche is to the company's advantage, especially considering that most of ORIS' competitors are individual companies that manually check their merchandise's prices online.

Will ORIS achieve startup success?

"With over 350 brands using the ORIS platform, it seems that they're off to a great start. If I were to look at ORIS as a potential investment, my (concern) would be … how can ORIS differentiate from the free tools available that could also provide price monitoring?"

Potential Investor: David Hunegnaw, partner, LOUD Capital

"As we develop more wholesale relationships through our Robert Mason brand, this is the solution that could allow us to monitor the same activity but from the other side ... where a retailer that carries our product might have discounted below MSRP or MAP."

Potential User: Robert Grimmett, founder and CEO, Robert Mason Co.

"Consumers are smarter than ever when it comes to saving money on purchases.… Policing pricing changes at a global level seems like a difficult task, but with the right tools and a strong strategy to get in front of their customers, ORIS should find great success."

Industry Pro:Brad Pettit, director of technology operations, Grandview Heights Schools

VC Snapshot: LOUD Capital

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Invest in companies in the growth stage, prior to when an angel investor would deem a startup investment-worthy, and provide startups with a network of helpers and a roadmap for growth

First investment:

Bylined-an app that curates photos of products taken by real customers and offers the rights to companies to buy and use for branding purposes

Last investment:

MoveEasy-An enterprise solution for realtors, property managers and employers to connect clients and employees moving out of town with resources such as information on changing utilities

Average investment:


Launch Pad: ORIS Online Retail Enforcement

Invented by: SpinLife

Cost: $20,000-$30,000 annually, depending on number of products tracked

Investors: Angel investors

Amount funded: wnd