Tech talk: An app for altruism plans to make employees and students happier

Julie Bhusal Sharma
Nick Glimsdahl, business solutions specialist, EasyIT

Only a month old, Columbus shares its thoughts on KindQuest.

Launch Pad: KindQuest App for Altruism

Invented by: KindQuest,

Cost: Free for public, supported by company wellness programs for commercial use

Investor: IGS Energy

Amount funded: $2,000

Mood follows the mind. But unfortunately, "we've been rewarded to be the worriers and catastrophic thinkers," says Dublin psychotherapist Bethany Dwinnell. To combat an unfortunate instinct for mood that's fortunate for survival, Dwinnell cofounded KindQuest-an app that fosters happiness and positivity by rewarding users for altruism. The app plans to do so by recommending acts of kindness as well as having a space for users to fill in their own good deeds. For each act completed, users will be rewarded with points that can amount to a charity donation-depending on pending partnerships KindQuest will have with local nonprofits. Though other altruism-promoting apps exist, Dwinnell contends none incorporate a social aspect. KindQuest will allow users to share their stories of kindness to inspire.

Only a month old, the app's code is incomplete, but Dwinnell hopes the beta version will be released this summer. Once out, Dwinnell imagines the first market to target will be college campuses. "It just seems like that is probably where it would pick up the energy initially," says Dwinnell. KindQuest also hopes to saturate the employee wellness program market to help companies retain staff through happiness.

Will KindQuest achieve startup success?

"It could certainly succeed at fostering altruism-and if the investors' and founders' goal is to do that, then fantastic. Counting on viral adoption is a lottery-type bet for an investor, and offering it as a company-provided benefit would likely require considerable sales funding."

–Potential Investor: Mark Shary, portfolio entrepreneur and Rev1 board member

"With KindQuest, every act of kindness creates more acts of kindness. This is brilliant! Kindness is contagious, and now rewarded. I believe this app will succeed, especially if the local charities (ie: Community Kitchen) asked all volunteers to download the app. Our company would be more than happy to participate."

–Potential User: Nick Glimsdahl, business solutions specialist, EasyIT

"KindQuest is well-positioned considering more and more people are using apps to manage health-up from 16 percent in 2014 to 33 percent now, according toAccenture. KindQuest's challenge will be getting attention in a quickly saturating market for wellness apps."

–Industry Pro: Carrie Alexander, strategic employer wellness consultant, Findley Davies


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Student applicants

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Company applicants

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