Tech review: Hackers beware of the super-secure Carbide USB Drive

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Carbide USB Drive

$95 for 8GB

$125 for 16GB

$200 for 32GB

When a company comes up with a slogan like "World's Best Flash Drive: The Safest, Most Secure USB Flash Drive on Earth," and offers a 30-day, no-hassle return policy and afive-year warranty, one has to think this company has to have something very special, or it won't be in business very long.

That company-CustomUSB-has been around since 2003 and manufactures some two million USB drives a year. So, they must have something worthy of note.

The Carbide USB Drive looks like no other flash drive you've seen. It features an 11-button keypad that requires the user to enter a PIN to gain access to the data on the drive. Try to circumvent the PIN and you have to deal with 256-bit military-grade encryption in order to access the drive's data. As added protection, this gadget comes with a free five-year subscription to ESET commercial-grade antivirus software.

Also included on the drive is software, which includes open source software that gives you word processing, spreadsheet, photo editing, web browsing and password management when plugged into any device powered by any of the popular operating systems.

Hacking this baby is one very, very tall order for those with larceny in their hearts. And did we mention that this product is also impervious to dust, dirt, water and shocks?

If you worry about security of the data you carry around, the Carbide USB Drive lets you sleep easy at night.



And speaking of products that provide peace of mind, Simplicam is a camera you install in your home (or other important places) to access streaming 720p high-definition video (via Wi-Fi) from that location and to be notified on your smartphone when motion or sound is detected.

This gadget has built-in facial recognition to be able to distinguish between movement from your pet, a family member, friend or intruder. If loved ones are on-screen, you can talk with them over your camera/smartphone connection. If an intruder is on-screen, call 911.

Simplicam has night-vision capability. It can connect to your home computer or will operate on its own when mounted on a wall/shelf/counter and plugged into a home electric socket.

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