VentureNEXT celebrates startups at the LC in Arena District

Mary Yost

As Columbus 2020 continues to promote job growth and economic development in the Columbus Region, TechColumbus remains a strong partner for its support of entrepreneurs and their success in creating and growing new business opportunities.

That success is being celebrated in an exciting new way on Nov. 6, when TechColumbus and its business and community partners. VentureNEXT is a new event (which will be held at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion in the Arena District) to spotlight central Ohio startups and recognize the most innovative as well as those whose business models are most likely to produce sustainable success.

Building on the best components of TechColumbus' previous annual Innovation Awards, VentureNEXT is designed to maximize opportunities for networking and learning about breakthrough innovations directly from entrepreneurs. The new format will be fast-paced and interactive-mirroring the approach of many of today's most pioneering business concepts.

TechColumbus CEO Tom Walker says, "VentureNEXT is an exciting new approach to celebrating entrepreneurial success. We want folks in the central Columbus Region to be inspired and engaged."

Walker adds, "There's a reason we are hosting this event at America's first indoor and outdoor concert venue (the LC Pavilion). The rock-n-roll ambiance of this high-energy atmosphere underscores how entrepreneurs and the exciting companies they create are true drivers of central Ohio's Innovation Economy."

For the first time this year, high school and college awards will honor innovative young people and the VentureNEXT Corporate Award recognizes an outstanding central Ohio company for contributing above and beyond to the Innovation Economy through TechColumbus' Expert (EN), First Connect (FCN), or Advisor Networks (AN).

Details are available online at