Tech Update: Google Glass & Telepathy One

Todd Hoffman

Sources within Google have indicated that the company's new wearable gadget, Google Glass, will not debut until 2014, according to a report by Computerworld. Previous rumors had suggested that Google Glass would go to market in the fall, in time for the holiday retail season.

While some speculate that Google is still ironing out some technical issues, the company may be taking the additional time to work on marketing the device. Getting customers comfortable with this new technology might be Google's greatest challenge.

Google also has a new competitor in the smart headgear space. According to a press release, Telepathy Inc., based in Sunnyvale, Calif., has raised $5 million in funding to finance the company's first wearable device, Telepathy One. Unlike Google Glass, Telepathy One does not actually touch the user's face, but rather wraps around the back of the head.

"Wearable technology will enable the next wave in social networking," said Telepathy's CEO Takahito Iguchi in a press release, "and the initial response to our Telepathy One prototype has been astounding."

And why the name, you may ask? The company's literature explains that Telepathy Inc. "develops and supplies social communication devices that promote the development of bonds between people as if they had telepathic connections."

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