Columbus company offers electric vehicle solution for those without garages

Heartland Charging Services hopes to offer what other electric vehicle charging stations cannot.

Cynthia Bent Findlay
For Columbus CEO
Brian Borkowski, co-founder, Heartland Charging Services

Electric cars are the future that’s already here, say the experts. But a challenge dogs widespread rollout of a U.S. electric fleet – if you live anywhere without your own garage, where are you going to charge them?

A pair of entrepreneurs is one of the first to tackle that question with a new distributorship of charging infrastructure in the Columbus area.

Heartland Charging Services is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business that plans, provides and maintains level two and level three electric vehicle charging hardware and software.

Heartland CEO Jeff Brock says he and co-founder Brian Borkowski realized the huge changes hitting commercial real estate catalyzed by COVID could also mean opportunities for that industry.

Jeff Brock, CEO, Heartland Charging Services

He says clients contemplating a return to office spaces began inquiring about EV charging infrastructure because how their workforce gets to work had begun changing, too.

“We realized quickly EV charging services are a marketplace not well represented in the Midwest,” Brock says.

The pair realized that since charging takes time—from 30 minutes for a level three charging station to overnight for a level two charger—apartment and condo-dwellers would need solutions, too.

The pair researched and struck an alignment with SemaConnect, a Maryland-based industry leader in charging hardware, to become an end-to-end solution for hardware, software and day two services for charging stations.

Many EV charging companies are offering to install EV charging stations for free but, says Brock, the catch is they will continue to own and control the charging infrastructure as well as customer data, meaning they will also control how much charging costs—and receive the revenue from the charging stations they maintain.

Most charging stations are also closed-loop stations, meaning customers must pay using the charging company’s proprietary app and network. Many (like Tesla’s) require your automobile to be the same make to charge at them.

Heartland provides local, on the ground service and accepts payments through an open network – you can own any style of EV, and station owners can set rates and accept their own payments rather than wait on royalty checks. They also can help property owners navigate incentives and grants to defray costs.

“People are racing to put [EV stations] in with zero plan to maintain them. We are looking at a local workforce stood up to maintain these. And I want to use vets to do these jobs,” says Borkowski, a veteran himself.

Cynthia Bent Findlay is a freelance writer.

Heartland Charging Services

6161 Riverside Drive, Dublin 43017

Business: Electric vehicle charging Infrastructure strategies

Employees: 10

Investment to date: Would not disclose.

Launch: 2021