Editor's Note: Katy Smith’s departing thanks

Katy Smith
Columbus CEO
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Saying farewell to a job, and to a chapter of one’s life, brings with it sadness, to be sure. And it’s a moment of celebration.

As I sit here writing what is to be my last Editor’s Note at Columbus CEO magazine, I’m filled with admiration for the people who came together to make this title a relevant voice in the business community for the past 3 1/2 years—the staff, our talented freelance contributors and especially you, our readers.

It can be a challenge to gauge success in journalism–most people who reach out to us are doing so because they want coverage, or they want to complain. But I have filled a wall in my home office with the kind notes of thanks and encouragement I have received since January 2019 from staff, readers and the people we’ve written about during my tenure. The positive energy radiating from that wall kept me going through many lonely, anxious pandemic mornings, and it will keep me going long after I turn to new pursuits.

Another wall easily could be filled by the awards this mighty little magazine has earned since 2019. Best Magazine in Ohio, even with an editorial staff of two. Statewide prizes for business coverage, public service, social issues reporting, technology writing and more. Multiple national awards for personality profiles—a form central to CEO’s storytelling style. And I am particularly proud of the national award we won for our May 2020 issue on the earliest effects of Covid-19 on the business community—an issue we put together in a scant two and a half weeks in March and April of that crazy year with a skeleton crew who was just figuring out how to make magazines from home.

It’s with a sense of great pride and gratitude for what we have accomplished here, together, that I step onto the platform headed to my next stop: entrepreneurship. I’ve written about so many brave, creative people growing businesses. Now it’s my turn.

See you soon, Columbus.

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