Retailer LookHuman launches blockchain-backed loyalty program: RFTee Rewards

The Columbus-based pop culture retailer is embracing a blockchain loyalty program, following American Express and Boxed

Cynthia Bent Findlay
For Columbus CEO
RFT asset

Columbus-based LookHuman has launched a new blockchain-backed loyalty program: RFTee Rewards.

Unlike your standard loyalty points program, RFTees are limited-edition, tradeable and redeemable tokens featuring top designs from the company’s catalog of iconic pop-culture products.

Blockchain customer loyalty programs aren’t new—American Express with retailer Boxed announced one in 2019, for example; Open-source blockchain network DigitalBits among others offer the turnkey ability to launch proprietary digital assets for brands.

The NBA famously is issuing non-fungible tokens depicting exclusive video clips of some of its marquee players. Nike, Adidas and Prada have also gotten in on the NFT game.

“We’re not aware of another program like it where you receive free NFT-based rewards with every purchase that have real savings value embedded in them, can be collected towards free gifts and can be shared and traded in the open NFT space,” says Jim Keller, CEO of LookHuman’s parent company, Print Syndicate.

“We were inspired by the legacy of rewards programs like Green Stamps and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and also by the new opportunities that NFTs open up for sharing, trading, and authentication,” he says.

Cynthia Bent Findlay is a freelance writer.