Editor's Notes: Still unanswered questions about living and working in a COVID-19 world

Two years later, many of our COVID-19 questions remain the same.

Katy Smith
Columbus CEO
Columbus CEO May 2020 Cover

With COVID cases plummeting and return-to-office plans, well, returning, it’s hard not to wonder how long this period of relative safety will last.

After last year’s summer reprieve was ended by a resurgence of the virus, sending many of us back home and back to Amazon or the drug store for more masks, an “end” to the pandemic seems unlikely.

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Now, we get to live with it.

So many questions remain unanswered. Questions that riddled our minds and the cover of this magazine in May 2020, when COVID was terrifyingly fresh. Now, we get to live with the questions, too—some from that May 2020 cover follow: When can we reopen? Will sports ever be the same? What is our budget going to look like? Are we really essential? Will I get any help from the federal government? Will my industry survive this crisis? Will my customers ever come back?

How will this crisis change the workforce?

Will my employees ever want to work in an office again?

Good questions.