Car manufacturer Hyperion revs up hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing in Columbus

Cynthia Bent Findlay
For Columbus CEO
Hyperion’s hydrogen-powered fuel cell car (Photo courtesy Matt Reese Photography)

Hyperion’s new West Side factory could herald boom times for the hydrogen fuel cell industry both in Ohio and globally.

Hyperion is known best for its hydrogen-powered fuel cell car, the XP-1. But Hyperion also will be building stationary fuel cells in Columbus, used for zero-emission power, heated buildings and other non-moving applications as well.

“After production ramp-up, we do expect to transition to sustainable manufacturing using green hydrogen,”says Hyperion CEO Angelo Kafantaris.

That means zero carbon-emissions power to an entire manufacturing facility.

Hyperion has the power to jumpstart even more green hydrogen activity in Ohio, which has a good foothold in the space already, with Power to Hydrogen and PhMatter in Worthington and giant Plug Power making investments in the state.

“Hyperion has connectivity to many local H2 suppliers, which were certainly a factor in our decision to relocate to Ohio,” Kafantaris says. “We’ll have more to announce in the near future regarding our partnerships within Ohio’s hydrogen ecosystem.”

Cynthia Bent Findlay is a freelance writer.