GrubHub's robots deliver food to hungry Ohio State students, powered by Russia's Yandex

Cynthia Bent Findlay
For Columbus CEO
GrubHub delivery robots

If you happen to be on Ohio State University’s campus this fall, you’re likely to see what looks like a robot invasion. Fear not, they come in peace—with food.

GrubHub and Ohio State have partnered to launch food delivery on campus using 50 self-driving “Rovers” provided by Yandex Self-Driving Group, a spinoff by Russian search engine powerhouse Yandex.

That will expand to a fleet of 100 Rovers if all goes well, a spokesman says.

Ordinary cars can’t reach the pedestrian-only areas of college campuses, but the little off-roading robots can, even in inclement weather. The Rover can truck along at up to 5 mph.

Students order from OSU’s food service providers using GrubHub’s app, pay a $2.50 delivery fee and meet the robots at designated drop spots.

Cynthia Bent Findlay is a freelance writer.