Hair Drop making stylists' life easier with one-hour delivery of beauty supplies

Cynthia Bent Findlay
For Columbus CEO
Maurice Womack, Hair Drop

A Columbus founder has a cutting-edge solution for an old trade—the hair and beauty industry.

Maurice Womack, co-founder of Simplr, STEM education company Oasis and more recently, the online learning platform Wokanda, sees a future in rapid delivery of hair and beauty supplies.

Womack says he got the idea from speaking with his younger brother, a recent barber school grad.

Always looking for ways to apply tech to old problems, Womack asked his brother if he was finding any pain points in his new career. His brother pointed out that barber shops often run out of product in the middle of the day and have to take time away from the chair to run out and purchase more.

“If you’re not there cutting, you’re not getting paid,” Womack says. “We did market research, talked to other stylists, and I built the technology.”

Hair Drop’s soft launch came in May. With one-hour delivery of hair and beauty supplies, the company is already selling more than 700 different products through its website and app, which is available for both Apple and Android platforms.

Womack says Hair Drop is starting out with a focus on African American beauty supplies because the community spends significantly in that sector, and his research says the best way to get a foothold in the industry is through stylists and barber shops.

Right now, Hair Drop is working in partnership with a local beauty supply distributor and some contract drivers, but sooner than later, Womack says, “Our goal is to own the entire vertical.”

“We don’t just want to be a delivery service. Beauty products have a hefty margin. We want to take advantage of that, pass savings on to the consumer and from the convenience standpoint, go above and beyond what’s out there in hair and beauty.”

This summer, Hair Drop became one of Rev1 Ventures Startup Studio’s latest clients.  

Womack says his team is looking at Hair Drop as a high-growth startup, aiming to raise venture capital to hire a network of drivers and build warehousing and distribution infrastructure.

The team has some heavy hitters already on board. Hair Drop’s COO is James Ross III, formerly Walgreen’s director of pharmacy and retail. Erica Womack, founder of Black Gurl Institute, is the community engagement officer.

Maurice Womack says that position is key because the company is working to spread Hair Drop’s name and also goodwill by giving back from day one. Hair Drop is already working to spend marketing money with organizations that impact underserved communities such as Eryn Pink, for instance, working to empower girls in Columbus.

Co-Founder/CEO: Maurice Womack

Business: One-hour delivery of hair and beauty supplies

Employees: 4

Investment to date: $40,000 from angel investors

Launch date: May 1

Cynthia Bent Findlay is a freelance writer.