Bailey Cavalieri's office renovation brings a breath of fresh air

Jess Deyo
Columbus CEO
The office's original dark wood finish was left during its 2019 renovation.

For Bailey Cavalieri managing director Bob Dunn, the law firm’s Downtown office renovation needed to pay homage to the past while having a focus on the future, and many would argue it’s done exactly that.

The Bailey Cavalieri office in the One Columbus building has a history of housing law firms—in 1987 its tenant was Cleveland-based Arter and Hadden, which existed from 1843 to 2003. The same year it closed, 40 of the firm’s previous employees came together and helped form Bailey Cavalieri, which lives in the same Downtown office space. 

Since the year it was first occupied by Arter and Hadden, the office has not changed. 

Bailey Cavalieri has grown to include 82 employees, and to fit the expanded company, the team decided to start fresh and modernize with a full renovation from quintessential law firm with dark wood and traditional colors to a fresh, bright space that features art and cozy social nooks. 

To help with the new space, Bailey Cavalieri brought on Sharon Weiss with Weiss Gallery to fill the walls with the work of local artists, with pieces including Lady Justice, a mural of the city and portraits of the building in years past. 

The renovations were completed at the end of 2019, but due to COVID-19, the entire team wasn’t using the office until this year. 

Other highlights of the 35,000 square-foot space include more private offices, a large cafeteria and lounge area and an inviting reception area with a coffee nook. A major change was the elimination of the office's third floor in an effort to maximize space.

While it’s a mostly new design, there are plenty of references to what once was, too, including the same dark wood finish along the walls, Dunn says, and pictures that go back 50 years that have been reframed. 

For Dunn, the space is exciting for its ability to directly impact the firm’s morale. With natural lighting and open spaces, it encourages productivity and comfort and feeds into the team’s dedication. At the end of the day, connection to clients and each other is what will help Bailey Cavalieri thrive, he says.