Quantum Health's new offices offer retreat from healthcare stress

Jess Deyo
Columbus CEO
Quantum's lower level alone measures 110,000 square feet.

A normal day at Quantum Health would never be described as such for those on the outside. It could be walking a client through their chemotherapy treatment, navigating our healthcare system or even sharing moments of grief with a stranger behind a phone. That’s why for the team, the new office needed to be a space capable of lifting the weight of the world off their shoulders. 

Quantum currently has 1,400 employees but could one day support 8,000 at the new offices.

There are 1,400 employees, better known as healthcare warriors, at Quantum, which has steadily grown by 30 percent each year. The new building is located at 5240 Blazer Parkway in Dublin and the neighboring building was also purchased for renovation. The healthcare navigation company was founded in 1991 by CEO Kara Trott, and the new campus could one day support more than 8,000 employees. 

The lower level of its newly renovated office is referred to as a sanctuary, meant to offer relaxation from health care stress.

To Quantum president Shannon Skaggs, the interior of the newest office should feel like a warm hug with inviting colors and a place to retreat in almost every curved corner. The pods, which each have about 30 employees, were designed to fit the functionality for a post Covid-19 world with added comfort, like standing desks and cordless technology so the team doesn’t feel restricted to one spot, he says. 

The lower level includes a market, cafe, cafeteria and more.

As intentional as the primary work space is, the lower level of the office, known as the sanctuary, is where employees truly have an opportunity to take a step away from work to relax and recharge. 

Quantum president Shannon Skaggs describes the office as a "warm hug," with several cozy nooks.

Within the 110,000 square-foot retreat is a water fountain, a coffee shop, a 6,000-square-foot commercial kitchen to grab lunch at, and even a market for employees to grab staples like milk and eggs to avoid a stop to the grocery on the way home.

The wall of Quantum's cafe references a quote from Elf.
Quantum's lower level cafe features Starbucks coffee.

There’s also a one-mile walking path, a fitness center, a nursing spot for new mothers, a game area, and countless lounging spots. For Skaggs, the new office is perfect for both introverts and extroverts alike with the areas to lay low or engage with other team members. 

“I'm a bit of an introvert. So if we're sitting in kind of the living room area, the quiet spot, you can still see that people playing games, you can smell coffee, you can see outside, you don't feel like you're in a stuffy corporate environment by any means,” Skaggs says. “It’s my favorite spot down here, just to be able to kind of sit back and watch people walk by.”

Natural lighting fills the office to create positive energy.

There are also little details that make the office unique, Skaggs says, like Wizard of Oz themed easter eggs like a pair of ruby slippers on the wall, meant to represent the client's healthcare journey similarly to Dorothy’s adventure through Oz—Quantum Health is representative of the yellow brick road. There’s even scannable QR codes in the office which lead to a map for easy navigation. 

As the team begins to fill the new office, Skaggs wants it to be known that the company is still growing and encourages anyone who has an interest to apply.

There's no shortage of space to talk with clients or team members.

“Right now we’re looking for 300+ new warriors,” he says. “We're just helping people through some of the most stressful times in their life, and if people get a kick out of doing that work, we’re the place for that.”



There are hidden easter eggs throughout the office, many that reference The Wizard of Oz.