ThriveIN creates hiring pipeline for Black women

Jess Deyo
Columbus CEO
Chevonne Harris is the creator of Workspace and ThriveIN, online job search tools for Black women.

ThriveIN, an online platform to connect Black women to career and life resources, has announced the addition of Workspace. The hiring tool, launched in May, is meant to offer a pipeline for Black women seeking work.

Both Workspace and ThriveIN were created in June 2020 by Chevonne Harris, 34, who has experienced being passed over for job interviews despite feeling qualified for those positions. She says she sees continued disregard for Black women in hiring pools following COVID-19.

“There’s a specific group of women who are losing jobs, from blue collar to white collar, to lack of funding for businesses, that I think we need to do something about,” Harris says. Both ThriveIN and Workspace are specifically designed to target “GenZennials” (Millennial and Gen Z women).

Workspace is free for candidates, and since the launch, Harris says around 100 women have uploaded a resume. Employers can choose from a variety of plans from simply posting jobs to promoting listings through newsletters and sponsorship opportunities.

“I am unapologetic in my love of Black women, in my mission to empower Black women with ThriveIN, and to bring as many champions and allies to the table that can help us do that,” Harris says.

Those interested in utilizing Workspace’s resources can go to