Feazel office space flexes team’s personality

Jess Deyo
Columbus CEO
The Feazel offices

For CFO Rhea Cunningham, Feazel’s new office space is a major source of energy. From the flowing backyard pond to the natural light flooding in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s difficult not to feel uplifted coming into work, she says.

Feazel is a home exterior remodeling company with a focus on roofs, windows, doors, siding and more. Founded in 1988 with eight offices across the Midwest, the newly built space at 7895 Walton Parkway in New Albany not only shows where the company has been, but where it’s going. That's thanks to modern design and bold details—each reflective of the outgoing personalities that make up the 70-person Columbus team.

The Feazel offices

“The move has been such an incredible injection of energy for our team,” Cunningham says. “It was beautiful to watch our team’s first impressions of the space. The smiles, the joy, the wonder—it really is a beautiful space.”

Inside the 23,000-square-foot building, the team can enjoy soaring ceilings, bright colors and carefully articulated design with the help of Huffman and Huffman, A Carpenter’s Son, who custom-crafted the wooden conference room tables, and Continental Office, who worked alongside architects Moody Nolan to furnish the majority of the space.

The Feazel offices

With plenty of salespeople moving in and out of the office, it was also important to offer a space the team can quickly plug into. Complemented with continuous sunshine, staff can stop by the office and sit at high-top tables with easy access to everything they need to quickly begin working.

The Feazel offices

The move from the old office at 5855 Chandler Court in Westerville follows the team’s continuous growth. Over the years, the company has tried making expansions in the old office but eventually realized in 2018 that a new home was essential.

“It’s like going from a ranch home to a five-story walkout,” Cunningham says. “We paid a great deal of attention to details and thought about our employee experience as we outfitted the space. It was a wonderful move for us.”

The Feazel offices

While a small portion of the team members used the office at the end of 2019, the full staff was welcome in January 2020, however, COVID-19 quickly restricted access. In response, Feazel limited in-person operations and invested in mobile technology like drone inspections, cloud project management, e-accounting and more to protect clients and employees. Today, around 40 team members come into the office, while those who are not required are still urged to stay home. 

As important as it is to have a space for hard work, it was also important to give the team an opportunity to relax, Cunningham says. Team members can enjoy outdoor seating or opt to stay inside at one of the high-top tables, playing video games or talking in cozy community areas.

The Feazel offices

For those looking to stay in shape, Feazel also boasts a full gym, set up with weight and squat racks, cardio equipment and more, thanks to the help of Rogue Fitness.

Oftentimes, Cunningham sees teammates hit the gym after work and notes that it is one of the greatest aspects of the new office. Inside, the wall reads, “Don’t sweat it. Okay, maybe sweat a little,” a mantra authored by the branding team at Continental Office.

The Feazel offices

“It's this notion of take care, have fun, be invigorated by cool current fitness equipment and resources,” Cunningham says. “Keep us right and keep us moving.”

The new office wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many central Ohio companies who helped craft the space and see it established from the ground up, Cunningham emphasizes. 

“We're a high energy bunch. And they rolled right with us and brought this thing to fruition. And we couldn't be more pleased and thankful to have had them join the effort.”