Hilltop boutique Koko promotes sustainable living

Jess Deyo
Columbus CEO
Adria Hall, Koko founder

Earth Day 2020—that’s when Adria Hall and Jamie Fairman had hoped to have a grand opening for Koko, their new sustainable living shop. However COVID-19 had other plans.

The business at 15 N. Westmoor Ave. in Hilltop sells everything needed to switch to a green lifestyle, from dish soap blocks to four-in-one shower bars to reusable food bags and a fully stocked refillery to prevent single-use bottle waste.

The idea for Koko started with just a few products on the walls of plant shop Forage, the company’s sister store founded by Fairman in 2016.

While the pandemic was a major roadblock for many small businesses, Hall saw some perks, she says. The sense of community was stronger than ever, and while the store didn’t physically open in April as planned, the owners found new ways to attract business.

“I don’t necessarily regret that time in our business or resent it because we did a lot of very cool things during that time that I think really built Koko to be what it is today,” Hall says. 

Some of those cool things included launching an e-commerce site, something not in the original business plan. Hall also utilized Instagram for marketing and educational purposes, something that continues to drive business, she says. Koko’s doors opened in July. 

Despite the challenges, Koko has already expanded to include shops in Cincinnati, and Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky. The company was able to bring in additional help in August 2020 and now has 21 employees, each with the goal of spreading knowledge about all things sustainability, Hall says. 

“It’s very experiential, it’s a process. We’re there to help guide people into what could be a new experience for them. Sustainability should be approachable and it should be fun.”

Adria Hall, Koko founder

To learn more, head to Kokotheshop.com or follow @kokotheshop on Instagram.