Lower’s New Albany office boasts a team-based perspective

Jess Deyo
Columbus CEO
Lower's New Albany office has an entrance impossible to miss.

Home financing solutions company Lower has grown rapidly and ambitiously since its 2018 founding, so moving to a freshly designed office space nestled in New Albany was a must. For senior copywriter Emily Welch, the new space encapsulates the team mantra: Aim higher, dream bigger. 

It’s impossible to miss the Lower welcome — the moment the front doors open, gaze is immediately brought to the oversized company logo that hangs boldly above the front desk. To the right is the lower lounge with TVs and pub tables, situated next to locally catered Bentos Cafe. 

Employees have everything they need to take a moment to relax and unwind.

Upstairs a second lounge is situated with more TVs, pool tables and relaxed seating, and the shuffleboards are an added bonus. Desks and offices are decorated with cool tones and blue hues. The wall reads “Life at Lower,” a phrase designed for the company’s social media accounts that gives clients the chance to see beyond the business and into the lives of the team.

A shuffleboard offers employees the perfect place to get in touch with their competitive side.

Every detail at the 8131 Smith’s Mill Road offices was placed intentionally, Welch says. The formerly white walls—once painted for Bob Evans' office space—were redesigned by Welch and the brand team to encompass Lower’s signature look, complemented by various designs and phrases, and a quote from founder Dan Snyder. Down to the final touches, the team planned it all with hopes of creating an uplifting space to foster growth. 

The office wall reads "Life at Lower," meant to represent Lower's effort to showcase the team's personalities beyond the typical work day.

“When I come to work in the morning, there's just so much energy already in the building itself,” Welch says. “The people just add so much more energy and it's just like we're really doing some cool stuff.” 

One of Lower's employee offices.

Some of the cool stuff Welch refers to is the continuously growing team. Currently sitting at over 900 employees, the company offers a new hires class each week that seems to be full every single time, she says. 

Lower is also making big strides in COVID-19 prevention by incorporating bipolar ionization systems designed to stop the spread of airborne viruses. The team also follows strict protocol to prevent the spread.

The brand team occupies this space and was a major contributor to the entire office design.

While the team has already settled into the new space, it still feels unreal at times — for Welch, Lower’s new office also offers some nostalgia to the days when the company was just beginning.

Some employees opt for a more inviting, low-stress office space.

“Never in a million years did we imagine that in two years we would be here, with hundreds of people moving into a brand new office. When we moved into our last office we wondered how we were ever going to fill it, and now we’ve already filled this office.”

Lower's office space offers many community-focused spaces.