Here is the April 2021 digital issue of Columbus CEO

Katy Smith
Columbus CEO
April 2021 issue of Columbus CEO

After a year of racial justice protests more broadly attended than ever before in U.S. history, the conversation on equity in the workplace is far from over. Companies are adding diversity, equity and inclusion officer positions at a steady clip, and we talked to nine such professionals for the April issue.

Optimism is high that corporate leaders are ready to make meaningful change in promoting people of color into the ranks of leadership. But questions remain. Will it really be different this time? Columbus Dispatch reporter Erica Thompson, who covers the intersection of race, gender and business, brings the conversation among diversity officers to CEO. In the evolving world of DEI, these are nine people you should know.

This month's profile couldn’t be more timely. Many of you know and love Regan Walsh, the Columbus-based life coach whose recently released book, Heart Boss, takes readers on a journey through her own transformation into someone who is truly alive. The story of her continual refusal to succumb to societal expectations is packed with action steps readers can take to free themselves, too.

In this month's issue, also don't miss:

• The Linden native who returns to his hometown a successful pro sports agent with a plan to help athletes think beyond the field or the court—and to help Black children dream beyond their neighborhoods.

• The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio is out to change how the region's residents see themselves.

• This medical startup is bringing back the house call.

• Mary McCarthy is dedicated to advancing women in business.