Digital Issue: October 2020 Columbus CEO

Katy Smith
The October 2020 issue of Columbus CEO

In this pandemic year, the challenges we were already grappling with have been magnified. With everything from our longest-standing institutions to our most ingrained daily habits—and beliefs—in question, what if we could just knock down all the blocks and start over?

That's the exercise we bring you in the October 2020 issue of Columbus CEO. We called together a group of the region's most vibrant thinkers—our inaugural class of Future 50—to create a special issue centered on the best version of Columbus they could imagine.

"11 Moonshot Ideas to Move the Region Forward" is the brainchild of Smart Columbus Director Jordan Davis, who coordinated with about 20 of her fellow Future 50 class members to produce 11 pieces of bold thought leadership on topics ranging from education to science to police-community relations. It's a rare treat from Columbus CEO illustrated by our new colleague in India, nationally recognized cartoonist and illustrator Manjul.

We hope you'll enjoy devouring it as much as we did. What lingers on our palates? Hope.

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