Advice for Gov. DeWine

Dave Ghose
Gov.-elect Mike DeWine speaks to the press at the Ohio Statehouse.

“Manufacturing jobs are growing in the United States, and the U.S. share of such jobs globally is rising. To attract these jobs, the state must continue to make Ohio appealing for companies to do business here, through physical infrastructure and policies.Also, continue workforce development, especially in manufacturing and skilled trade positions, to give us a competitive advantage. Each manufacturing job created historically brings multiple other jobs in its wake.”

Francie Henry, regional president, central Ohio, Fifth Third Bank

Francie Henry

“Ohio’s economy will thrive if we can attract new business while retaining our existing companies. One of the key factors to achieve that goal is access to the world economy.  A key consideration for companies considering a business center is: Can their employees travel efficiently? And that means nonstop flights. Put simply, our community needs government investment (in partnership with private dollars) to secure nonstop international flights at John Glenn Columbus Airport.”

Liza Kessler, partner-in-charge, Columbus office, Jones Day

Liza Kessler

“It would be powerful for [him] to focus resources on supporting the growth of existing Ohio businesses and growing startup companies vs. worrying about attracting companies looking to move here for tax credits. It could make a huge difference to Ohio-based businesses if the state invested tax credits, grants, and support to the homegrown companies who are scaling and already committed instead of a disproportionate amount of this investment focused on importing businesses."

Tanisha Robinson, CEO, BrewDog USA

Tanisha Robinson

“As we are looking to rapidly hire over the next few years, Root is very supportive of Gov. elect DeWine’s proposal to increase investment in job training programs that give people the skills they need to compete for today’s jobs.

We also believe that investment in transportation will be key for the long-term growth of business in central Ohio. Our employees are increasingly looking for mass transportation solutions that can get them to and from work.”

Alex Timm, CEO and co-founder, Root Insurance

Alex Timm

“Gov.-elect Mike DeWine can help by supporting Ohio businesses, paving the way for future expansion, particularly in the medical cannabis industry. By backing future expansion and legislation changes to the program, which reflect the adapting needs of patients, industry growth will allow Ohio patients to get the medicine they need.”

Andy Joseph, president and CEO, Apeks Supercritical

Andy Joseph

“The governor-elect and his development team should work with the Franklin County commissioners, the mayor and private developer stakeholders to develop a strategic central Ohio plan to expedite the most critical/crucial projects that act as a catalyst for future responsible development that adds to central Ohioans quality of life.”

Curt Moody, president and CEO, Moody Nolan

Curt Moody

“Education is crucial to the continued growth of our economy and business climate and is the foundation of our community. By prioritizing early childhood education, making education more affordable, accessible, and building out in-school support programs, the governor-elect will put Columbus on the path to prosperity.”

Rick Ricart, president, Ricart Automotive Group

Rick Ricart