Signet Accel CEO Leaves

Chloe Teasley
John Raden

Signet Accel is tight-lipped about recent changes.

The CEO of Signet Accel, John Raden, has quietly left the Columbus healthcare technology startup as it downsizes to a “smaller, leaner and more agile-sized company.”

Raden was chosen to lead Signet Accel in 2015, after its software, Avec, was developed in Ohio State University's Bioinformatics Group. The software, which took 12 years to develop, takes disparate health record data sets and populates them in one place for easy access.

Raden and Signet had seen lots of face time inColumbus CEO over the past couple of years. Raden was featured inColumbus CEO's March 2018 issue as the winner of aHealthcare Achievement Award, and Signet Accel was in a Columbus 2020 supplement on economic development featuring successful technology companies in the Columbus region, put together byColumbus CEO in October 2017.

In response to an inquiry about Raden's departure, interim CEO and board director Mark Brosso explained that, “Signet Accel, Inc. is still a going concern, albeit as a smaller, leaner and more agile-sized company.” In September 2017, Signet received $8 million in Series A funding from investment firm Edison Partners—which raises the question: What happened? Brosso declined to provide further comment on potential reasons for Raden leaving or company downsizing, and inquiries to Edison Partners and other Signet Accel employees—and former employees—all went unanswered, as did a message sent to Raden via Linkedin.