Columbus 2020: Signet Accel

TC Brown
John Raden, CEO, Signet Accel

With the product known as Avec, two-year-old Signet Accel has the technology to gather healthcare data from dissimilar resources and aggregate that information, bringing it into one resource field for easy examination and comparison by researchers and physicians.

Known as a federated database system, it allows medical personnel to quickly find information and connect data from any computerized location in order to query diverse healthcare information, identify disease patterns with different patients and investigate potential cures.

CEO John Raden says the technology is solving some major problems in healthcare.

“There's a lot of data in healthcare from different sources and there was an inability to aggregate it or see it in one single view because of all the unique languages of databases,” Raden says. “This opened up the ability to see all that data for a specific disease or even for particular patients.”

The technology was a long time coming. The Bioinformatics Group at The Ohio State University worked on it for more than a dozen years before introducing it to Signet's parent company, Signet LLC, which then created the subsidiary company run by Raden.

The new company, which started with six associates, is growing quickly. Signet Accel now employs 37 people, including 16 engineers, Raden says. They apply the technology which helps pull out the bits and bytes of healthcare information that can get lost in database software, and that ability to find disparate but important data helps improve the quality of lives, he says.

“For instance, we service clients with hairy cell leukemia, which is a very ugly disease that hits a very small portion of the population,” he says. “So finding cohorts to do research can be problematic, but the ability for oncology centers to look at specific cancers like this worldwide is a big deal.”

One of the “pleasant surprises” for Raden when he came on board as CEO in August 2015 was finding the IT talent pool that resides in Central Ohio.

“With all the surrounding universities and major healthcare networks and systems in Columbus, we have been able to recruit quality people with unique backgrounds,” he says. “And we see venture capital people paying a lot of attention to this area, and that says a lot about the values of the businesses here and the quality of the products they produce.”

Much of Signet Accel's work involves collaboration with both regional and national organizations, which provides a unique perspective into IT networks, particularly in this Region. The IT ecosystem and its connecting networks here is solid and thriving, he says.

“And it's not just software engineers found here, there's a real focus on quality from managers to C-suite executives because of all the rich organizations doing the things they do here in central Ohio,” Raden says. “Successful companies need these kinds of resources and talented associates.”

For now, Signet offers a unique product, but Raden says he thinks it is only a matter of time before competition ensues. “We know there will be others entering the market, so gaining the market share early is really what the focus is for our sales efforts,” he says. “It's a great race right now to grab that market share.”

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