Top Workplaces 2022: Beam Dental delivers value, great benefits to clients and staff

Tim Feran
For Columbus CEO
Alex Frommeyer, co-founder and CEO of Beam Dental, photographed in his downtown home office.

The Great Resignation has forced many companies to step up and offer higher pay and better benefits. But what about those who specialize in delivering great benefits to other companies? Well, then it’s about upping the game for their own.

Beam Dental, a provider of digital-first dental benefits, offers its employees a stellar package that includes free dental and vision, pays 99 percent of health insurance premiums and offers employees an annual learning stipend.

Beam Dental earned a Special Award for its benefits as part of Columbus CEO's 2022 Top Workplaces awards.

Beam’s digital platform makes everything from quotes to claims fast and easy for brokers, members and employers. And in an innovation, every Beam member—and this includes employees—gets an internet-connected toothbrush “so you’re accruing benefits if you’re brushing your teeth,” says Alex Frommeyer, CEO and co-founder of Beam. “That shows in a very visceral way that we care about preventative care. We give you the brush and we’ll reward you.”

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Frommeyer smiles when asked about the effects the Great Resignation might have had on Beam’s benefits package.

“We are a benefits company, and we should have a phenomenal benefits package,” he says. The real lure to potential employees is simple: It’s culture.

Beam has based that culture on its core values of Growth, Resilience, Initiative, Tenacity, and Team first—better known as GRITT.

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When Beam was founded in 2012, Frommeyer says, GRITT was already woven into the DNA of the business.

GRITT is at the center of everything that Beam does and was what attractedHannah Thompson to Beam Dental over three years ago.

“The tangible benefits that we get—dental, vision and the rest—of course those are recruiting points,” Thompson says. “But I really think the funny saying is true: You come for the snacks; you stay for the culture. Especially in the remote-first world, snacks aren’t as important.”

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As a woman in the tech industry, Thompson has worked at other companies where she had to deal with the smug, misogynistic “tech bro” culture and battle “the imposter syndrome—it’s a real feeling for women in the tech industry,” she says. At Beam, it’s different.

That culture was illustrated during a meeting in which a colleague acknowledged making a mistake. “I watched my manager handle it,” Thompson says, “and he really deescalated it and made it clear we would solve it together. That’s extremely important in a startup culture, that mistakes will be made and we’ll solve it together.”

Over the past few years Thompson has been promoted twice. The most recent promotion was for a job that hadn’t existed at Beam, and Thompson herself crafted the job description. Now, she’s the team’s first solution architect.

Even so, despite the benefits package and culture, Beam has seen its share of resignations recently. Ironically, it’s because the company has essentially doubled in size every year since its founding, “and that is not what everyone wants,” Frommeyer says. “The company you joined a few years ago, that’s a completely different business.”

Tim Feran is a freelance writer.

Beam Dental 

226 North 5th St. Floor 4 Columbus, 43215 

Business: Digital-first dental benefits provider that incorporates dental hygiene behavior into policy pricing, combining an online insurance platform, AI-powered underwriting and the internet-connected Beam Toothbrush.

Co-Founder and CEO: Alex Frommeyer

Employees: 383