Imran Nuri, Columbus CEO Future 50 class of 2022

Jess Deyo
Columbus CEO
Imran Nuri, Founder and CEO, 52 Million Project

Imran Nuri

Founder and CEO, 52 Million Project

Community: Previously led BuckeyeThon at Ohio State University. Launched 52 Million Project, a nonprofit with the mission of making philanthropy accessible to all while fighting poverty. In our two-year history, we have had nearly 800 donors who have given over $50,000, all $1 at a time, to 80 different nonprofits.

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Idea: More than anything else, I believe in the power of coming together. I very firmly believe that a Future 50 class could put together a restructured budget for the city of Columbus to invest more in education and community programs and less in policing. I can’t imagine the power that a Future 50 class, with our networks, would have in influencing the future of our city through its actions in how it spends its dollars. Another idea would be for the Future 50 to raise money to make sure every Columbus City Schools building has air conditioning year-round.

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