Devin Schaffer, Columbus CEO Future 50 class of 2022

Jess Deyo
Columbus CEO
Devin Schaffer, Vice president, corporate/M&A/securities, Cardinal Health

Devin Schaffer

Vice president, corporate/M&A/securities, Cardinal Health

Community: Reaching the Nations International, Cardinal Health Associates Fund, Boys Hope Girls Hope – Chicago

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Idea: A guaranteed income demonstration could provide 1,000 randomly selected individuals who are living below the poverty line $500/month for 12 months. The cash is unconditional, which includes no work requirements. The desired outcomes fall into three buckets: decreased income volatility, increased full-time employment and improved physical and emotional health.  An identical demonstration conducted in Stockton, California, confirmed that one year into the program, participants had greater liquidity to pay for unexpected expenses and to pay down debt. The demonstration also produced higher full-time employment and capacity to take risks related to seeking better jobs. Caregivers, particularly women of color, were able to receive compensation for what is typically unpaid or underpaid in formal settings. Participants’ mental and physical health improved, they experienced lower levels of financial scarcity, and as a result, a self-determination mindset began to develop where goal-setting was utilized effectively.

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