Abdul Akel, Columbus CEO Future 50 class of 2022

Jess Deyo
Columbus CEO
Abdul Akel, CEO and co-founder, T-cetra

Abdul Akel

CEO and co-founder, T-cetra

Community: Akel’s team created crowd fundraising platform NeighborRelief with Columbus-based GroundWork group.

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Idea: My vision is a holistic neighborhood transformation program based on equity, access and innovation. The plan would include identifying at-risk communities, working with local government to facilitate economic opportunities, providing digital inclusion and financial education in neighborhood schools, and developing public/private revitalization partnerships for local businesses, including a mentorship program and fiscal support for local business owners.

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The plan would address issues of poverty and unemployment by creating resources and equipping individuals on the most local level, and then scaling from there. I am an immigrant entrepreneur entrenched in underserved communities. I understand the culture and the inherent trust that exists in the local neighborhood. As the Central Ohio economy booms for the middle-class and the affluent, the gap will only widen if we don’t have a plan in place that fosters long-term growth for all.