Watch: CEO of the Year Awards 2021 by Columbus CEO

Jess Deyo
Columbus CEO
CEOs of the Year 2021 Elizabeth Martinez, from left, Jonathan Moody, Tim Robinson and Michael Kaufmann

It takes more resilience and grit than ever to be recognized among the area's successful business leaders, let alone to impress fellow execs enough to receive an award for it.

The honorees in Columbus CEO's annual CEO of the Year program are redefining what it takes to be exceptional in a year like no other. With one hurdle came another, and for some, this year was about looking critically at the structure of their company and going back to the basics. But, it's safe to say these executives have given us hope in an even stronger tomorrow. 

CEO of the Year 2021 finalists:CEOs of OhioHealth, COTA, Columbus Urban League and more make our list

Hear what they had to say in the video below. Plus, enjoy a panel discussion with Bill LaFayette of Regionomics, who we partnered with for our annual CEO of the Year economic survey, and finalists Joanna Pinkerton of Central Ohio Transit Authority, Bo Chilton of Impact Community Action and Steve Markovich  and OhioHealth.

CEO of the Year 2021:Large and small business and large and small nonprofit winners